Moon- My Love

My love for Moon is eternal and it has grown by the years. But this was no ordinary I must say before someone generalize this with the proof that a lot of writers and poets have fallen in love with Moon and it’s beauty.
As I could see my self there with the moon and I can tell you I have been always there. I, the ashen glow has always fallen in love with my Crescent Moon, all alone in the dark sky. I hated any star twinkiling even a bit near. This might seem little weird but that was something I got to know how the feeling of insecurity could be spoken about.

My biological clock has been in sync with this phenomenon of nature. Every Crescent evening, on way back to home after office hours, I would spend hours talking, admiring our togetherness and eternity. The crescent knew more about me than anyone else on this universe. I would never have to bargain my thoughts or emotions and share the luminescence to enlighten myself out of dark.
I don’t know if the busy schedule of my life escaped the transition phases or was it that I chose not to acknowledge those and drench myself only on that Crescent Night.

However, this logical brain never leaves one at their mercy. It happens to counter with what is established notion or belief among people. So, certainly I knew, there was a quest going on within to be pure, perfect and complete. The Moon used to achieve it with all its might running every night away from the ashen glow. The ashen glow was no less in expressing the love for the Crescent and it’s existence. It would fight out all odds and cherish the togetherness. I celebrated the moment with all I could, let alone the logics.


Sometimes stillness steals everything of our life and takes us to a new state of living, where even you are unknown to yourself. You meet, you talk and you emerge with the essence of a newbie. It turns out to be the hardest and rarest of yourself initially to continue with these newbie characteristics. One tries to implement every now and then, that were learnt in that moment of stillness. Break a chain and emancipate from the slavery of a leaderless society. You grow your foes and hence stillness steals everything of your life now, ironically different from the sentence we began with.

Once you find yourself categorised as above the age of puberty, people ask of maturity and hope it to be there somewhere in your heart, in your action and in your behaviour. You start loosing yourself again. Now, it becomes more difficult to be the part of stillness but loneliness. Our belief, the most of us believe, pulled off the maturity, losing the child within us. We are in a war within to conquer ourself; our innerself that sometime belonged to us. That has been churned onto various steps but instead of being refined, it propelled a new smoke of delusion and a layer of fraudulent society.
By now we start saturating in this phase of discovering ourself. Suddenly and fortunately, we meet two little kids, selling their childhood on streets of well maintained, high profiled, very civilized society of the area on the eve of New Year.
They were magical in their tone, professional to their work, and innocent but more matured in their words. For them, when asked, to cheer up my frustated self- “How’s life?” They promptly answered- “Yeah Sahab! she’s fine.”
“Oh really! How?”
“Some just spend it by playing around, and we by working- A more meaningful. Isn’t it?”

I was lost to my old sayings- ” The person with the most childish behaviour is the most matured one”

©Stufffires by Sanket Suman


A stone shield

Sealed the heart

Jelly of feelings


And safe

And dumb

But not deaf!

All it fears

All it feels

The thrust

The stress

And hit.

What can scare,

How one treat!

Endured the war

War of feelings,

Joy or grief

Love or hate,

It infuses

And Bleeds,

At times breathes!

The more it lives

The more it believes,

Stay aware,

Stay away



And grey!

A new beginning- My 21st b’day

I often desired the things to be so perfect and surprising in my family. It was the first b’day when they were not made aware by the friends’ call that yeah! it’s my b’day today.. They knew it and for the first time ever cut the delicious home-made cake  baked by my dear bhabhi… Cherished lots of wishes, some wishes in a very awesome way, while missed someone or perhaps they missed the day.. 🙂 

It should have been one of the best b’day:

then it dared 

it prepared its way

to laugh always

and solace!!

that lost and


won’t ever sound

or would fear

the midnight calls…

Yeah! Papa;

its my b’day

that’s all!

these amigos

aren’t mad,

it must feel

that ardor.

Oh! maa

Your babu is late

Its 2 a.m.

and still on chat..

nothing awry

just midnight call,

its my b’day

thats all!

And yeah! now

I turned 21..

does that imply

no care I deserve?

No more

restraints or rules.

No more youngest

tag I hold,

So, I was fooled

in yours absence


felt the pain…

It dared again

and prepared;

and make the smile,

a chain;

maa will feel

your dreams come true,

Papa would feel

that stand… 🙂